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Interior Leather Protection & Treatment’s

car interior cleaning

What’s clean on the outside should also be spotless on the inside. Our interior cleaning packages involves the cleaning of seats (leather or fabric), dashboard, center console, door panels, spot clean headliners, washing of floor mats, steering wheel, AC vents, etc. LAC also has advanced levels of interior and germ cleaning where we use anti bacterial foam on all surfaces after a thorough scrub down. The AC ducts also receives an anti bacterial treatment as well.

modesta's leather protection system

Keep your leathers fresh and protect it from peeling, fading and splitting with Modesta’s Leather Protection System (LPS). Highly recommended for cars with good quality leather. First the leathers of your car get a deep cleaning treatment to remove any residue, body oils, dirt or stains. Then Modesta’s LPS is added to the completely cleaned interior. LPS is a two bottle system comprising of LPS 01 and LPS 02.

LPS 01

This is the base coat. This keeps the leather soft to the touch and creates water repelling characteristics causing it to also resist staining. This layer also protects the leathers from the very common Denim jeans color transfer to white or beige leathers.

LPS 02

This is a abrasive resistant coating. This is to be applied to the parts of the interiors prone to regular contact and friction like the bolsters sliders, arm rest, door handles etc. This layer protects these parts from friction damage caused from getting in and getting out of the car, etc.

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