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Luxi Automotive Care(LAC) Exclusive Installer Of Modesta Plus Ceramic Coating In Coimbatore Tamil Nadu A regular fad these days are ceramic coatings. What’s even more common are detailers selling them as layers. It sounds all fancy when you are told 5 to 9 layers of ceramic coatings are on your car but science tells us ceramic coatings get weaker with an increase in layer as coatings are meant to bond to the paint. When layered the bond reduces to point that the 3rd or 4th layer has no bond and simply gets wiped off.

Modesta is a Japanese brand that manufactures high quality single layers rather than multiple weak layers. With Modesta we have range of ceramic coatings namely Modesta’s BC08 which is our entry level coating that gives us a reading of 3 to 4 microns from a single layer (equals to 8 layer from a single layer) going up to our mid-segment coating which is either BC03, BC04, BC05 that measures up to 8 microns from a single layer (equals to 16 to 18 layers). Modesta’s flagship coating which was developed along with Paul Dalton from Miracle detail is the worlds thickest single layer coating that can reach up to 10 microns from a single layer.  

Modesta paint coatings gives your paint

Below are the modesta packages available for your car

Silver pack

Gold pack

Platinum pack

signature pack

Signature Pack Add On:

EPC restores and protects your exterior plastic bits to a deep sheen and has hydrophobic properties.

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